Karen Benner

Operations manager

Karen Benner is the operations manager of Peterson Wealth Advisors and has been since 2016. Her previous experience in banking and insurance lay an ideal foundation for her work in operations. Her attention to detail and accuracy assists her as she handles investment trading and account operations. Karen, originally from Ohio, is married to her husband Mike. They have five children and ten grandchildren. Some of her hobbies include the outdoors, sports, reading, and interior decorating.

We asked Karen:

What is one thing you would want a prospective client to know about Peterson Wealth Advisors?

The advisors are interested in them as people and their retirement success. The advisors are down to earth, honest, and care about the clients. Clients are not just a number, we are genuinely interested in them and their retirement future.

Everyone at Peterson Wealth Advisors works together for the benefit of the client whether the client interacts with them or not. 

What role do you play in creating an exceptional experience for Peterson Wealth Advisor clients?

All employees attend client appreciation events. This way our clients know who we are and talk to us about what we do. Clients then feel comfortable with all the people in the office who handle their retirement plan.