The Ultimate 6-Step Guide Designed to
Smartly Allocate Your Money So It Can Outlive You

in Retirement (Made for New Retirees).







Created by a retirement planning expert with over 30 years of experience and who has taught thousands of retirees at BYU's Education Week and other venues.



You’ll discover the step-by-step method new retirees use to achieve a predictable stream of monthly retirement income that’s insulated from stock market volatility (this is NOT an annuity). 


We’ll reveal exactly how to develop the proven plan that allows to stop worrying about having to go back to work, and gives you peace of mind with your retirement income future even if you don’t have a degree in retirement planning.





You’ll learn smart and prudent income-generating secrets that only a handful of professional investment advisors know today:


  • How to match your current investments with your future income needs by “time segmentation,” even if you’ve never done it before

  • Why you don't need to rely on market timing and investing picking after all

  • When you can ignore the stock market volatility instead of sweating over its daily movements

  • You'll be taught the “4 Grand Illusions of Investing” that you can put to use immediately

  • What most retirement planners don’t even know about how to allocate assets into segments so they grow and replace the liquidated asset




Don't just take it from us!


" Plan on Living... explains in lay terms the different types of investments and their pros/cons – all before presenting

a revolutionary yet common-sense approach to retirement.


Who knew you could actually understand and find the world of investing interesting! This book truly ought to be

required reading starting with every high school graduate and working up to those looking to retire. "


- T. Weaver







If you’ve been struggling to set up a retirement income plan that won’t
run out of money (or lose to inflation)
, Plan On Living will show you how to
maximize your retirement lifestyle - without the fear of blowing through your savings.


If you’re sick of stressing over how to turn the lump sum you’ve accumulated over your working career into a
stream of income that will last for as long as you and your spouse live, you should order your free book today.







Still not convinced?


" A must-read for retirees!


Plan on Living deals with retirement strategies for those who have just retired or about to retiree. Each chapter has a fitting
quote at the beginning to build on and many examples are then given to represent the points being discussed. I find the
points very compelling as I am within a year or two of retirement and will be dealing with the issues discussed in the book.


I have had some very good personal conversations with Scott and been very satisfied with his plan, which was
presented to me before reading the book, but now I have a clear understanding of why the approach. "


- R. A. R.