What is the Perennial Income Model?

Our Perennial Income Model matches the retiree’s investments with their future income needs.


We literally wrote the book on retirement income maximization and are constantly looking for new and better ways to maximize retirement income for our clients.

The Perennial Income Model is a common sense, goal oriented approach to investment management that is designed to help retirees manage short term income needs as well give them an opportunity to keep up with inflation throughout retirement.


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Am I going to outlive my money, or is my money going to outlive me?

Plan on Living: The Retiree’s Guide to Lasting Income and Enduring Wealth addresses this question and many more about the management of retirement assets. The concepts taught within the pages of this book will demonstrate how a retirement income plan should be constructed and monitored to enable the retiree to transition a career’ worth of accumulations into a lifetime’s worth of income.

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